Dead Dog Park

by Trash Planet

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A hot air balloon. Radiation. Skate boards. Radios. An island. Time. Money. Cowboys. Space. Trash Planet Radio presents Dead Dog Park: a (sorta) concept album.

Dead Dog Park is a radio broadcast from another planet, mysteriously named “Trash Planet”. DDP is the name of the station.


released December 29, 2015

Props to everyone on my team who helped this come together.



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Trash Planet Fresno, California

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Track Name: Trash Planet
I don’t
wanna talk about me, I wanna ask about you
You’re not interested in
How I stare at the leaves
When it changes

I keep looking for her
That baby bird I hurt
I dropped the ball and you know it dropped me
Like a negative hot
Air balloon

So send me
Up into space tonight
It’ll be alright,
It’ll be alright
Track Name: Gamma Days
I see the future in the grass
And I can't stop looking for the past, is it
In the closet or the garage or something
Any way,
The elements I left here
Have all decayed
A half-life of some gammafied shit

I split time to get a line from you
And yr script was marked with what we shouldn't do,
Lost the pages to mine,
it happens all time.
The ideas that I counted,
Were all imaginary,
The numbers walked away with my spine.

And I don't care if they come home,
Carry less weight so I can float
What kinda king really needs a throne
When his people are gold, go home go home
SO I chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck it out,
The bad ones yeah and all the doubts
Gotta trust myself, find a time with a light,
Gonna share it all maybe prove Jesus right

A book I read said
It hurts to be around until yr dead
But when you're acting like wreck
It's how you know the machinery's adept

Headlights show me what's inside you,
They're open wide
Piston fires, in yr mind, all the time,
I've always felt so alive
Supercharged engines every night,
But i guess that's alright
Track Name: SKATE!
I like blonde chicks w undercuts who
carry knives and act real tough
I wanna skate skate skate to a place where we could chill
I know you’re looking for a thrill
Or maybe an excuse not to kill ourselves
Track Name: Radio
I know you don’t leave yr bed
But you wanna be a hero
And never be pulled back
And feel like you’re magic
Like a lion
Or something
But then
You’re a dog
And you’re running around the house,
With the realization
That maybe
You don’t really
Mean much to any one

And you have some stuff
You wanna show some people
Cuz when they see it they get it,
And it’s not stuff any more
Who else out there
Is looking around?
Who else out there
Is just hanging out?

Put me on like the radio
Track Name: Sleeper, Stunner
I want to see you smile
I want to know why you wanna drive for miles, it seems so wild
It’s weird that you wanna see me
Like yr neighbors car out front when it’s time for lunch
She said if you’re ever dancing in the rain I’ll be there
And you know what it seems like
And you know what it seems to be
And you know what it seems like
And you know what it seems to be
Track Name: Time
You keep scratching
At the base of yr neck
As if you were itching
For some silly contact.
My fingers were bleeding
From beating you to
A text– or just at waiting.

(And it's never really there)
And I see a scene repeat, release,
Come back around like day for me.
Time's like an old dog on a treadmill for a while at least
Track Name: Money
I gotta go off to work today
It seems I’m working every day
What else is there to do
What else do people do, right?
But I’m so fucking tired
Of wasting away in this place
Commercial invasion of personal space
It’s monkey training taking place
All over again
Just take me out again
I can stomach this shit
If you wanna hold my hand
So I won’t throw another fit
No I won’t I won’t I won’t
I don’t mind spending my money on you
Why do you think I do what I do
Track Name: void island
When you come around it seems whatever
I know it's not to you
Wearing a long black gown, I vow
To never let you down
In a sea of dreams you swam with me;
It's like our timing was perfect
And oh my god I'm so fucking lost,
It's like the raft let go of me
And I found
A place devoid of me.

I can see you smile,
When i close my eyes
And forget what it was like

And I pray that my heart won't sink
When I pull myself outta this dream
(leave him, leave him there)
And I can't do anything, it's true
Track Name: Grass Stains, Copper Stains
When I rang you up I didn’t mean to be impossible
Didn’t mean to twist yr arm
I guess I dropped my charm
When things get heavy I guess I forget who I am
I don’t know who I am
I’m the post modern man
Media sucked into sockets and I guess sometimes
I just take off like rockets
Guess this planet’s not for me
This planets not for me
There’s a twisted referee and I’m getting tossed in all directions
Looped in with misdirections, sell me something sweet
The world is hate and I think we’re all assholes, show me a release
Give me something for free
Track Name: Chase (sunny boy & oxy grl)
I know yr friends
don’t mean nothing to you
They never saw
How you would count
Every step that you took
To calculate what counts
And now

Candy canes hang
Beneath yr ceiling
Said you wanted space
But I twisted it
Like a snake now it sheds
In every fucking room
There’s room

For it to grow
Like bottles when they explode
A river raft sinking low
I wanna watch it flow

Let’s talk talk talk talk talk about the road
And how it goes for miles and miles in eitherrr direction no amputation
It just goes and goes and you
Can hear something sweet if you listen
any where you go
Track Name: For Sure
I wanted to see right through you
The thought never came back to me
How the rain tonight is dry tomorrow
There are things that we don’t see
What it seems like is temporary
So if I miss you or something
I’ll catch ya next time
And I’m sorry bout that
And if I can’t come through tomorrow
Please still think good about me
I still think good about you
For sure

We never talk the same way
Grown enough to know change is okay
Okay. Okay.
We never talk the same way
Yeah tomorrow seems okay.
Okay. Okay.
Track Name: Dead Dog Park
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